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Paul Sturgess

Simple Method for Checking a File Mime Type in Ruby on Rails

When accepting file uploads from users of your application, you should always check the file to ensure malicious content isn’t permitted.

If you have a simple Rails file_field in a multipart form, you’ll get a ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile. This object wraps up the temporary uploaded file and has methods like content_type and original_filename.

At first glance it sounds sensible to check the extension (determined from original_filename) along with the content_type, against a whitelist of allowed values. However, if the pesky user has renamed the file extension before uploading the file, your whitelist will not help you as even content_type will return the incorrect value.

This is why checking the mime type of the file is important, but this is not something Ruby does natively. There are a few Ruby gems around which specifically handle this problem but the simplest solution I found, without requiring any third party dependencies, was to use the underlying Operating System and execute the file command via back ticks:

  `file --b --mime-type '/path/to/file.txt'`.strip

This works on both Linux and OS X and will return the mime type such as ‘text/plain’, which can then be used as part of your validation.