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RubyMotion #inspect Paris Was Loads of Fun

Last week was the RubyMotion #inspect 2015 conference in Paris and not only was I lucky enough to attend, but I was also invited to speak about the RubyMotion football manager game I built: Title Challenge.

Paul at RubyMotion Paris

RubyMotion #inspect is a two-day conference and my talk was scheduled for the second day, which is lucky for me as I missed day one due to protestors spontaneously deciding to prevent the Eurostar from running the day I was due to travel. Fortunately the talks were recorded, so hopefully these will be made available soon!

RubyMotion 4

Laurent Sansonetti announced what is planned for RubyMotion 4 and it sounds awesome:

  • A new REPL to work on the device
  • Cross-platform game framework
  • WatchKit
  • iOS 9 support
  • More work on live code reloading


It was great meeting the RubyMotion community and it definitely feels like an extension of all of the good things from the Ruby and Ruby On Rails communities. Lots of enthusiasm, smart and friendly people doing some really cool things.

For me conferences are all about being inspired and the two talks that stood out were from Amir Rajan and Mark Rickert.

Amir is the genius behind the game A Dark Room which reached #1 in the US App Store. I thoroughly recommend reading his blog which tells the story as he lived it.

Mark told us about his experience quitting his full-time job, selling pretty much everything he owned and living on the road. He now consults on RubyMotion projects remotely, works half as much, makes more money and most importantly is far more happy!

If you get the chance to hear either of these guys speak then make sure you do.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

For my talk I discussed the major challenges that were faced in building the game. Highlighting, where I could, lessons learned and things I would have done differently having now gone through the experience.

What I had to say seemed to go down well. The team working on RedPotion have already made changes to the framework inspired by some simple ideas I had for debugging memory issues.

If there’s one point to take-away from my talk though it’s “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. If you have an idea, just go for it and don’t be afraid to figure out things as you go along!

Feel free to take a look at the slides for my presentation.

If you have questions get in touch on twitter: @paulsturgess.

WXG Conference – 25th Sept, Guildford, UK

I will also be talking about Title Challenge at the WXG Conference.

It’s a one day conference about web & digital experiences.