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How to Use the Crittercism Cocoapod in a RubyMotion App

Crittercism is a great way of collecting data and crash reports from your iOS application whilst it’s being used in realtime.

The easiest way to get it up and running in your RubyMotion app is to use the Coacoapod.

If you haven’t setup Coacoapods in your app yet then check out my article where I install the ViewDeck Cocoapod.

Update your Rakefile with:

Motion::Project::App.setup do |app|
  # ...

  app.frameworks += [

  app.pods do
    pod 'CrittercismSDK'

Locate your Crittercism App id under Settings on the Crittercism website. Update your app_delegate.rb with the following just before you call makeKeyAndVisible:

crittercism_app_id = "51d1421f97c8f273e0000007"

Now when you build your app and errors get raised, you’ll start receiving crash reports.